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We all tend to believe that mosaics are mainly meant for Art, Churches, Temples and monuments celebrating the grand deeds of historical figures or religious leaders.

But this is not always true.

Mosaics may also become part of your everyday life.

They may enrich the walls of your house, the facings of your shower and the floor of your bathroom.

It all depends on the taste and on the style you want your house to have and your life to be.

Decorative mosaics may be customized on the clients’ needs and taste and we often work in close cooperation with interior designers and architects to reproduce a specific theme with the shades of colours that better adapt to the rest of the house.

The project is all in the architect’s hands who provides us with the fil rouge, the theme, to develop and to go along with.

After preparing some drafts to explain the project better, we share our ideas, suggestions, proposals with the team, in a brain storming activity that brings the best out of each of us for the sake of the project.

Private villas, hotels, luxury yachts are all the right recipients of our mosaics, from the noblest parts of the house to the humblest.

Both marble and glass mosaics are largely used according to the everyday use is made of the area.

Marble mosaics will certainly be installed in areas where the use itself does not put them in touch with acid, fruit, wine or fat, where glass will certainly be the optimum, due to its own chemical characteristics.

Techniques vary as well, according to the material used and to the project to be made and everything is agreed upon, between the team and us, the mosaics specialists.

After much debating and discussing on how, where and what, we come out with a sample, thank to which and through which the client, first, and the architect or the interior decorator can see, experience and touch the final product, and therefore get an aesthetical experience that involves all the 5 senses.

We invite the client to touch it, to feel it, to sense it, since we know that the human body and mind knows through various tools provided by Mother Nature and comes to experience the final effect long before the work is accomplished and finalized.

Mosaics, in spite of being made of a material that may be heavy, are largely used to decorate also luxury yachts that float, beautifully, in the Oceans, in the Mediterranean Sea and in the far away seas.

Technique here is what makes it light and possible not to overweight the vessel and balance the floating capacity with the heaviness of the materials used.

It is always an adventure to start a new project, to share ideas, project, concepts that become art into our artisans’ hands and we are very proud to be part of this and to have our mosaics living forever in your home.

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